126 is an automatic machine, designed for laying of x-ray dental plate holders on self-adhesive tape. Machine frame is made out of aluminum profiles with steel supporting plate that carries main machine units, as follows:
- Bowl feeder for orientating and feeding of the dental plate holders;
- Linear feeder for displacement of the plate holders from the bowl feeder to the feeding mechanism;
- Dental plate holder feeding mechanism, driven by a servomotor;
- Adhesive tape spool support;

- Adhesive tape feeding mechanism, driven through servomotors with precise tape positioning;
- Adhesive tape cutting tool that cuts off the band at a specific length according to the preset number of holders (5 holders for this case of application) that are to be glued on together. The tape is cut off after placing of the holders.
Finished parts are collected in containers, disposed below the main supporting plate of the machine.



1 Workpiece X-ray dental plate holder
2 Adhesive tape width, mm 43.94
3 Cycle time for 1 set of 5 holders, s 4.8
4 Output on 100% efficiency, sets/hour 750
5 Daily output (2 shifts x 8 hours), number of holders 51000
6 Power supply, V 3 230V/60Hz
7 Installed power, kW 1.5
8 Air pressure supply, MPa 0.5
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 1200/1000/1600
10 Weight, kg 180