61 is an automatic machine, designed for the assembling of arc chutes for electric breakers. Machine frame is made out of aluminum profiles with immobile bottom, upon which is driven a slide with horizontal and vertical plates, where all machine units are disposed. The slide is pressed toward the variable pile of splitter (deion) plates inside the entry magazine (connecting the automatic unit with the press) by means of steel rope and a counterweight. The maximum number of the fed splitter plates is controlled by contact switches.
The machine consists of the following mechanisms:
- Stepping mechanism. It consists of a carrier that executes the step forward to the arc chute assembling position by means of a pneumatic cylinder and gate mechanisms, as well as a 9-position seat for arranging the splitter plates and to keep them orientated during the fiber sides' assembly. Retraction of the carrier together with the splitter plates seat is done through down and backwards movement. The pneumatic cylinder that actuates the stepping mechanism is fixed to the vertical plate of the slide.
- Splitter plate feeding mechanism, disposed at the end of the entry magazine. During its movement downwards, actuated by a pneumatic cylinder, the finger pushes the splitter plate from the magazine to the seat, disposed below the magazine.
- Closing mechanism, disposed next to the arc chute assembling position, on the slide horizontal plate, where is fixed also the immobile plate of the shear, through the holes of which are passed two fiber strips. On the two sides of the splitting plate seat are disposed the mobile cutters of the shear, driven through a lever transmission system and a pneumatic cylinder. During the back travel of the cylinder the shear is closed to cut off the fiber strips and the same are pressed on the limbs of the already arranged splitter plates. On the forth travel of the cylinder (toward the arc chute assembling position), the shear is open and the assembled arc chute falls inside the finished part container.
- Fiber strip feeding mechanism, disposed on the slide horizontal plate. Two pneumatic cylinders, each of them actuating 6 pins, engaged in the fiber strip holes, are driven by another cylinder that executes a stoke, equal to the necessary fiber strip length. A mobile guide is provided on the right side of the machine, next to the fiber press that changes its position in case of too long fiber loop. A cam, mounted on the guide turns on and off the contact switch that interrupts machine cycle in case of abnormal protrusion of the fiber strips.

Approximate capacity: 1500 pcs./hour



1 Workpiece Electric breaker arc chute
Assembled parts  
Number of assembled splitter plates, model 32 N 9
Number of fiber strips 2
2 Operations Shifting, assembling, cutting off
3 Automatic cycle time, s 2.4
4 Power supply, V upon request
5 Air pressure supply, 0.6
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 1530/690/1480
7 Weight, kg 250