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 The private company AMEKA LTD (previously known as AMECA LTD before 3.Aug.2018.) was founded in the early 1993 by George Keskinov and Boyan Bonev, both Mech. Eng., M. Sc. and former employees of the state Central Machine Tool Research Institute in Sofia. The company staff was chosen among the most capable engineers and mechanics of our machine tool building industry.

The company currently employs 26 people (machine designers and engineers, electronic specialists, software developers, mechanics, business administration). The most modern working conditions were set up after the company moved into its own 900 sq. m. building in 1998. 

 Main activity of the company is developing and supplying of custom made special purpose machines for specific applications, using the most modern means of automation. AMEKA is specialized in particular in supplying automatic machines for the manufacturing of DC motors and generators, mostly for the automotive industry.

The annual production averages 25 - 35 machines, major share of which is being exported mainly to India, Belgium, Poland, Argentina, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Turkey etc.

From the start of the Company till the end of the year 2016, AMEKA has delivered 469 machines in total to the following markets:

·   USA - 143 machines; Canada - 35 machines; Mexico – 4 machines; England - 10 machines, Germany – 15 machines;

·   Italy – 2 machines; Turkey – 34 machines; India87 machines; Malaysia – 4 machines; Japan – 5 machines;

·   Poland – 9 machines; Iran – 1 machine; Bulgaria – 99 machines; Russia – 8 machines; Spain – 1 machine; 

·   Argentina – 3 machines; Belgium – 1 machine; Slovenia - 3 machines; Brazil – 14 machinesIsrael – 1 machine; France – 4 machines.
Bosnia - 2 machines; Österreich – 3 machines.

83.4 % of all the machinery, produced by the company is exported to the foreign market and 80% of the machines produced for the domestic Bulgarian market are delivered to plants, owned by foreign companies.

 All machinery related development activities like machine design and software development and implementation are made by the Company and are AMEKA know-how.

The average delivery term for custom made special machine is 3 - 4 months from the date of the Purchase Order. For machines of new concept, delivery is extended to 5 - 8 months depending of the project complexity.

All machines are in compliance with the requirements of EN  ISO 12100:2010, EN 60204-1:2006/A1:2009 and EN ISO 13849-1:2006.

ISO9001:2000 certification was acquired since 2003. In 2013 the certification was renewed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Since 2006 AMEKA LTD is licensed distributor of Vortec Simco (Netherlands) company for supplying their innovative compressed air technology products on the Bulgarian market. For more details, visit


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