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Slinky stator core winding
Automatic machine for slinky (helicoidal) stator core winding and welding
Coil and link conductor forming
Hydraulic presses for shaping and forming of stator coils and link conductors
Paper insulation forming, insertion
Machines for В-,S-,C-,O-,V-shaped slot insulation forming and insertion and face insulation pressing
Conductor forming and winding
Machines for stator rectangular wire conductor forming and stator round wire winding
Coil, conductor and pole assembling
Machine for rectangular and round wire stator coil, conductor and pole assembling and insertion
Conductor end twisting
Machines for stator conductor ends twisting out of rectangular and round wire
Machines for invertor brazing of stator conductor ends
Universal banding tape installing machines for stator coils
Automatic coil impregnation
Polishing and sanding
Machines for stator core OD/ID polishing and stator wire varnish removal and sanding
Test rig for DC motor electric parameters checking

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