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Flexible tubes parting
Automatic machine, designed for the parting of various types of flexible plastic tubes.
Friction welding of plastic parts
Semi-automatic machine, for the friction welding of the top and bottom elements of the plastic containers of wet vacuum cleaners
Coil stripping and slot cleaning machine
Semi-automatic machine with manual loading/unloading of the workpiece, intended to join together the successive operations of cutting off the basket side of the stator coils and removing the coils and insulation paper out of the alternator core.
Balancing of laboratory centrifuges
Machine for the dynamic balancing of laboratory centrifuges, where the centrifuge motor is used for rotation of the workpiece during unbalance measurement.
Balancing of turbines
Dynamic balancing machine, designed for the unbalance measurement of ventilation turbines. Able to perform static unbalance measurement in one plane only as well.
Gantry manipulator
Gantry type pneumatically driven manipulator, designed especially for the transferring of aluminum cathodes (intended for zinc electrolytic extraction) between a manually operated cart and a cathode grinding machine
Assisted manipulator
The air pressure assisted manipulator APM40 is conceived to reduce to minimum the operator's efforts by manipulating heavy objects.

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