86 is an automatic readjustable machine, designed for the assembling of flat brushes for vacuum cleaners. Machine bed is made out of solid welded steel with main supporting plate that carries all functional units and a 4-position rotary indexing table with plates, on which are disposed the four clamping devices for positioning of the assembled components.

The following operations are performed on the four working positions:
POSITION I - Manual unloading of the finished part and loading of the blanks. The different clamping devices on each of the four working positions provide steady fastening of the components during the assembling process and the precise position of their plates on the rotary table is ensured by means of centering pins, which allows fast and easy changeover.
POSITION II – Idle position. If necessary, this position can be used as additional working position to drill holes on the brush core for the insertion of the fiber tufts.
POSITION – Insertion of fiber tufts into the brush core holes, performed by means of the following three mechanisms: fiber tuft feeding mechanism that feeds the necessary quantity of fibers to loading position; bar anchor loading mechanism that cuts off and feeds the metal strip that fixes the fiber tuft to the brush core; and inserting mechanism that introduces the fiber tuft together with the bar anchor inside the brush hole.
POSITION IV - Trimming (cropping the ends) of the fiber tufts, performed by means of a rotating shear. An outlet is provided on the machine for conveying the fiber waste to an aspiration device.



1 Workpiece - flat vacuum cleaner brush
Brush core holes diameter, mm 2.5
Maximum depth of brush core holes, mm 6
Fiber tuft length (after trimming), mm 8...11
Fiber tuft length (on feeding position), mm 30...32
Bar anchor dimensions (length width thickness), mm 3.5 1.4 0.25
2 Type of rotary indexing table 4-position pneumatic table
3 Longitudinal and cross slides drive servomotors
4 Maximum working travel of the longitudinal slide, mm 300
5 Maximum working travel of the cross slide, mm 150
6 Rotary shear drive AC motor
AC motor power, kW 0.37
Speed rate, RPM 1500
6 Automatic cycle time, s/hole 0.75
7 Power supply, V 3 380V/50Hz
8 Air pressure supply, MPa 0.6
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 1600/1250/1600
10 Weight, kg 1300