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Shaft insertion
Shaft installing hydraulic press
Slot insulation
Machines for В-,S-,C-,O-,V-shaped and continuous armature slot insulation forming and insertion
Conductor forming/Winding
Armature conductor(hairpin) forming out of bare/ varnished rectangular or round wire, double turn conductors and slotted commutator armature winding
Conductor insertion
Machines for round and rectangular conductor insertion into armature slots
Conductor end twisting
Machine for armature conductor end twisting
Conductor end cropping
Machine for armature conductor end cropping out of rectangular and round wire
Commutator installing
Machine for armature commutator insertion
Slot insulation cropping and wedging
Machines for automatic cropping of armature V,U-shaped continuous slot insulation and wedge insertion
Fusing/brazing and clip forming
Machines for spot welding, fusing, brazing of armature conductor ends to the commutator
Armature banding
Universal machine for armature banding tape winding
Impregnation oven
Impregnation tunnel type oven with chain armature transport and infrared heaters
Micanite undercutting
Machine for micanite undercutting of cylindrical and flat commutators
Armature/rotor shaft, commutator and stack polishing machine
Machines for automatic, semi-automatic and manual dynamic balancing of armatures and rotors through adding material or through milling operation
Test rigs for electrical parameters checking

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